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The TV Musketeers

Did I fall unconscious?

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The TV Musketeers

About Us

This community is a joint project between cable_addict, vamp926, coexist_love, & theyoungtimpani. We will be reviwing & holding discussions our favorite shows here, and for an idea about who will be writing about what, skim the profiles below.

This community is not open for people to join, simply to control who posts, but feel free to watch so you know when we update.

Since we are reviewing episodes, there will be spoilers. Most will be behind a cut, but just so you're forewarned!

The Rules: We're not mean or controlling but there are some rules for commenting.

1) Please no bashing. If you don't like a fandom, simply ignore it. If you start bashing the authors or fandoms, we will ban you from commenting.
2) Please be respectful: everyone is entitled to their own opinion
3)Comments are LOVE! Please help encourage us by commenting and discussing!

That's it for now! Happy reading!

Author List:
cable_addict: NCIS, Bones, House, Psych, Monk, Scrubs, Harper's Island, CSI:
vamp926: NCIS, Bones, True Blood
coexist_love: NCIS, Dollhouse, True Blood, House
theyoungtimpani: NCIS, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, My Name Is Earl

Please note, these are only primary. We may review other shows at our whim, including new shows on TV.

All authors will be on a rotating schedule for NCIS

Have a question? Want to contact a mod? Email us at: thetvmusketeers [at] gmail.com
Follow our Twitter page; updated everytime we post! The TV Musketeers on Twitter

Jess (cable_addict)

‘Sup? This is cable_addict . I’m the youngest, 16, of the four TV addicts here, but I’m the creator. After the sixth season finale of NCIS, a few fellow NCIS fans and I went into a chatroom and this community was born. So, my shows include: NCIS, Bones, House, Psych, Monk, Lost, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation aka CSI: Vegas, Numb3rs, Desperate Housewives, Dollhouse, Harper’s Island, Southland and the soon to be cancelled The Unusuals. You can add me as a friend. I always like meeting new people and my friends list is somewhat smaller than I’d like it to be.

Twitter Page

Elizabeth (vamp926)

Hi! I'm Elizabeth or vamp926 if you prefer. I'm Jess's bestie/partner in crime. This community is her idea because she knows that we all like to talk about our shows non-stop, so voila, this community was created. I'm 19 and I'm a college student with a major in English with a concentration in writing, hence the all the fanfic, which is probably a bad habit to have if you want to be an author. My shows are NCIS, Bones, House, True Blood, Desperate Housewives, In Plain Sight, Dancing with the Stars, Criminal Minds, Hell's Kitchen, Southland, Dollhouse, The Tudors, Big Love, & The United State of Tara. I will primarily be writing for NCIS, Bones, and True Blood, although other shows might slip in occasionally. I (proudly) ship the following: Tony/Ziva, McGee/Abby, Kate/Ari, Jenny/Jethro, Booth/Brennan, Hodgins/Angela, Daisy/Sweets, House/Cuddy, Foreman/Thirteen, Chase/Cameron, Sookie/Eric, Mary/Marshall, Adele/Victor, & Ballard/Caroline(Echo). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, although the answer probably won't be the one you want!

Twitter Page

Lauren (coexist_love)

My name is Lauren and I am not sure where I fall in the lineup of ages but I am a nineteen year old college student (who sometimes sounds like she's 50).

I am in New England, but I attend school in New York. I am a crazy knitter, I make sweaters and hats and all kinds of fun stuff. Most of which is based around fandom and the stuff that isn't...well I can find a fandom connection somehow.

In terms of show I am the science fiction nut. Alot of them are over now but I used to watch: Stargate:Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, and Farscape and most recently Dollhouse. In addition I will hopefully be following In Treatment and True Blood. Other shows I like include 30 Rock, House, Weeds, and NCIS!!

Twitter Page

Emilee (theyoungtimpani)

Hey, I'm TheYoungTimpani, but please, call me Emilee. I'm also known on fanfiction.net as arashichaser and in real life as Your Most Awesomeness...not really, but hey...
I rep the South, homeskillets, as I am proud to be an intelligent, non-redneck/hillbilly Arkansan.
I am completely addicted to NCIS, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, My Name is Earl, The Office (U.S. version), 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Sit Down Shut up (U.S. version).
I've only wrote for NCIS so far, but I plan on writing a Big Bang Theory fic soon. I ship Tiva (I know that they're still gonna end up together, as bad as it looks now), Penny/Leonard (Awww! They're SO cute together!), Barney/Robyn (so are they together now, or what?), Randy/Catalina, Jim/Pam, Larry Littlejunk/Miracle Grohe (I know she's an idiot, but I feel SO bad for Coach L).
So that's me in a nutshell, no pun intended...if you need to know anything else, feel free to ask. I love indirect human contact.

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